Wellbeing & Finnish Sauna

Wellbeing is an important part of Finnish sauna experience. You can add Saunayoga into your sauna evening. Saunayoga combines quietness of Finnish sauna and six simple yoga moves which relax and strenghten your body. Temperature in the sauna for saunayoga is 50 degrees Celcius.

Ask also for massages and body treatments to be included in your sauna experience. Treatments are executed in cooperation with Ruka Bauty & Wellness.

You can also order wild food sauna snacks and meals to complete your sauna experience.

Saunayoga is a 30-minute exercise based on different yoga styles and practised in a sauna heated to approximately 50 C degrees.

Iisakki’s traditional lakeside sauna and outdoor jacuzzi– award winning authentic Finnish sauna experience by the lake Rukajärvi

Category: Wellbeing
Get to know Finnish sauna culture with a guide and enjoy northern tastes!

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