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Outdoor tree tent overnight under the sky in Ruka.

    Imagine yourself sleeping under the beautiful sky at the gate of Lapland in a tent hanging between trees.
    Iisakki Village by the lake Rukajärvi is a great nature destination. Come and visit us and spend a Finnish Summer night in a Tentsile Hammock at the lakeshore.

    Tentsile accommodation at Iisakki Village suits everyone – from a bike touring enthusiast to adventure seekers and couples.

    Tentsile Tree Tent is a popular and modern tent, which is hung from the tree-trunks about one meter above ground level – sort of a cross-section between a tent and a hammock, and you’ll literally have the best of both worlds. At lake Rukajärvi the Tentsile is hoisted at the lakeshore.

    The night outdoors is a remarkable and unforgettable experience.
    On a clear night the waterproof roof of the Tentsile can be removed and the sleeper can literally sleep under the stars! No need to worry about mosquitos, a mosquito net is provided. The Tentsile is most suitable for two adults or an adult with two children.
    Tentsile Camp follows a “leave no trace” principle. The camper is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and condition of Tentsile Camp, its surroundings, and the associated services. Our tentsiles is to be cleaned by the accommodation quests after use. Please sweep away sand, pine needles, and any other possible debris from the tent before leaving.

    We expect our campers to responsibly sort and recycle their own waste. Burning trash is not allowed. Our personnel will help you with any questions.

    Welcome to experience a magical night in Finnish nature!

    Period – June till September

    Price: 55 €/1 person, 100 €/2 persons

    Overnight includes: Tentsile tent, sleeping bag and pillow, tent lamp and toilet-shower facilities nearby.
    usage of fireplace and cooking facilities at nearby laavu and free use of canoes near the lake (between 6.6-18.9)