Restaurant Iisakin Talo

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Iisakki's house is the main house of Iisakki Village.

In the main hall we can have 50 persons having their dinner or lunch together.
Iisakki's house is a perfect place for events, dinners, meetings or family parties e.g. weddings. When you step into Iisakki's house you step into middle of the Finnish history. Iisakki's house isn't museum but the feeling we have in the village and house is incredible. You need to feel it.


Panoramic picture from Iisakki Village

Ruka Safaris, sales

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

Iisakki Village Reception

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

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