Karhun Maja



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  • 4 x 2 single beds

    + sofabed for 1 person

  • 4

    Incl. bed linen for 8 persons, towels and final cleaning  

  • 5

    toilet and shower in each room

  • Not allowed

This luxury accommodation has spacious living room-kitchen. The heart of the living room is a large fireplace. There is a sauna section and four comfortable bedrooms equipped with toilet and shower in each room.

Surface area 160 m2

4 bedrooms:
Each room are with 2 single beds 
+ sofabed for 1 person

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  • karhunmaja-oh

  • karhunmaja-takka

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  • karhunmaja-kylpyhuone

  • karhunmaja-talvella

  • karhunmaja-keittio

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  • karhunmaja-ruokailu

  • karhunmaja-kesalla


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  • 22

    Extra beds available. Incl linens in place, towels, meeting equipment and final cleaning.

  • 9

  • 12

    Each room have own bathroom facilities

  • not allowed

Otsolinna has 9 bedrooms, accommodating maximum 22 guests. Extra beds available upon request. All bedrooms have their own bathroom facilities. 
The big living and dining areas provide a beautiful setting for dinners, small conferences, meetings and get-to-gethers.

Otsolinna provide everything for its guests: meeting place, common lounge areas, saunas and pleasant hotel standard rooms. An outdoor jacuzzi can be hired for an extra fee. Cross country ski tracks start from the country -yard, ski slopes are 700 metres from the chalet and centre with restaurants and services is only 900 metres from Otsolinna.

Our meeting facilities incl. screen, data projector, flip chart, TV, DVD  and wireless Internet-connection. You can use the living room and dining room as one big room or devided into two rooms.

Panorama picture of Otsolinna

Rooms are for 2 or 4 persons.

Price includes linens in place, towels, meeting equipment and final cleaning.

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  • otsolinna-oleskelu

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  • otsolinna-mh3

  • otsolinna-mh

  • otsolinna-mh2

  • otsolinna-wc

  • otsolinna-sauna

  • otsolinna-poreallas

  • otsolinna-takkahuone

  • otsolinna-keittio


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Iisakki Village


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  • 12-34

    Incl. bed linen, towels and meeting equipment

  • 10

    Extra bed for extra price max. for 10 people

  • 14

    Each room equipped with shower and toilet

  • Not allowed

Luppolinna offers high-level accommodation for groups. This modern luxury cabin locates next to the lake Rukajärvi, only a 10 minute drive from centre of Ruka. In Luppolinna there are 12 twin rooms each equipped with showers and toilets. In ten rooms there is also extra bed possibility in a sleeping balcony for one person. There is a big social area, which can be used also as a meeting room, roomy kitchen, in ground floor a sauna section, and a room with a fireplace. This destination offers everything: meeting facilities and get-together areas.  Cross country ski tracks are 500 metres away from cabin. In Luppolinna’s heating we use ecological geothermal energy. An outdoor jacuzzi can be booked for additional charge.

Luppolinna provides everything its guests could hope for: meeting place, common lounge areas, sauna wing and pleasant hotel standard rooms.

Ask more from our sales office.

Address: Onkerniementie 7, 93830 Rukatunturi

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  • luppolinna-aula

  • luppolinna-kylpyhuone2

  • luppolinna-kylpyhuone

  • luppolinna-suihkutilat

  • luppolinna-alakerran-takka

  • luppolinna-takkahuone

  • luppolinna-sauna


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