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Fatbike retkellä

At the edge of great opportunities

Participate in adventurous activities with your group.

For example, a husky ride, a snowshoe trip, let the river relax you in rapids rafting, sledding in snowy terrain, experience the sound of the rapids in whitewater rafting, or paddle calmly on the Oulanka River. You can also jump into the adventure directly from the airport, because we will equip your group with the necessary equipment in the Mosquito building located in the immediate vicinity of the airport, from where your guests can go smoothly, for example, to go sledding or directly to the husky or reindeer farm to enjoy the company of Arctic animals.

In the Ruka-Kuusamo area, there are numerous opportunities to offer both exciting and calming experiences to your guests or colleagues. Let us, as local experts, customize the most suitable solution and program package for you.

Check out our sample programs by season. All programs can be implemented privately for your group and we tailor them to suit your needs.

In the snowy season

The long winter in the north guarantees the setting for snowy adventures. Over the years, we have developed a rich selection of tested, functional software services.

Whether you’re looking for speed and excitement on a fatbike trip or a sled safari, relaxation on a snowshoe trip, watching the northern lights, floating in rapids or relaxing in sauna yoga or Would you be interested in getting to know arctic animals, huskies and reindeer!

During the summer

The night of the night and the Wilderness scenery attract you to come to Kuusamo. When the land is thawed, you can bike, run rapids, paddleboard, paddle, fish, float in the rapids, or even watch the animals of the wilderness, such as the king of the forest, the bear.

Check out our summer program services!

Contact us and let’s plan together

In addition to program services, we can organize all local host services for you, such as transportation, meals, meetings and meeting catering.