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Meeting Facilities

Event spaces in Ruka
Iisakin talo

Big plans?

Ruka Safaris has several meeting, party and event rooms of different sizes. We offer an all-inclusive service, so you get all the services you need to organize a good meeting and event from us.

The facilities of our largest accommodation facilities are suitable for teamwork, our restaurants are suitable for organizing events and meetings in addition to culinary delights.

Our facilities are located near Ruka, so Ruka’s services are also available to you.

Location of meeting and event facilities

Our facilities can be found in Iisakki Village, in the middle of wonderful nature, about 6 km from Ruka. The capacities shown below are the maximum capacities of the premises. The required meeting format and your other needs determine the suitability of the facilities for each need.

Your local partner

We take care of the success of your meeting or event at Ruka, you can focus on more important things.

Transportation, accommodation, meals, activities, side programs and, for example, buying gifts, leave them to us.