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The charming atmosphere, the candles and the soft music create a cosy and at the same time majestic setting for a pleasant evening.

Kontioluola, or the Bear´s cave, is a half hidden forest restaurant in the middle of a beautiful old spruce forest and about seven kilometers from Ruka center.

The restaurant is the ideal setting for wonderful and luxurious dinner parties, celebrations, Christmas parties and even weddings.

The restaurant has seats for 130 people, but also groups of 50 are very welcome and it doesn´t feel too spacious.

There is space for a band and in the middle, you can open up the dance floor.

The building has air conditioning, indoor toilets and meeting technology (internet connection, a large screen, a data projector and wireless microphones).

The minimum size for groups is 20 people. For smaller groups we recommend Iisakki Restaurant.