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Wilderness accommodations


Oulangan Maja

These wilderness accommodations are well suited for groups. They are located adjacent to Oulanka National Park – immersed in nature, far from noise and hustle. Both of these locations are reachable by snowmobiles or snowshoes in winter, and during the snow-less season on foot or via the Oulanka river. Both of the locations can host either one or two night wilderness trips. These trips focus on wilderness skills, team work, and handling the outdoor elements with the lead of a guide. 


Huotinniemi provides a true wilderness experience. Without running water or electricity, this accommodation is perfect for those seeking peace and joy from simple things. The sauna is heated with wood, and water is fetched from the Oulanka river. 

Oulangan Maja

Oulangan Maja provides the perfect getaway enhanced with basic utilities, such as running water and electricity. Although not as primitive as Huotinniemi, Oulangan Maja offers an immersive nature experience.

Contact our sales office and let’s make the perfect wilderness experience for your group! 

  • Huotinniemi ulkoa

  • Huotinniemi ranta

  • Huotinniemi peti

  • Oulangan maja ulko

  • Oulangan maja peti

  • Oulangan Maja sauna

  • Oulangan maja suihku

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