Wilderness Hotel Papin Talo

Iisakki Village

Wilderness Hotel
Papin Talo

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Wilderness Hotel Papin Talo is located in a beautiful country side by the lake Rukajärvi. Ruka Centre is 10 minutes drive from the guest house.

In Papin Talo there are six twin rooms, all of the rooms has own bathroom facilities as well as TV and a fridge.  

In the hotel there are common areas where you can relax and spend time. There is also a sauna where you can book your own sauna time.
In summer time our clients can also freely use rowing boat, canoes, sup-boards and outdoor fireplaces.

Welcome to enjoy the nature and beautiful country feelings!

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Alinan tupa

Iisakki Village

Alinan tupa

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  • 10

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    Inc. final cleaning
    Set of bed linen & towel 16 €/stay

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  • Pets allowed at extra cost

Alina’s House is a log house on the shore of lake Rukajärvi, ten minutes drive from the Ruka Centre. This cottage is located in the Iisakki Village area. There are beds for 10 persons (4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs, 2 beds in each), kitchen, and a spacious living room. The house has it’s own sauna, showers and two toilets. In total Alina´s House is 120 m2.

Located in peaceful surroundings, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind. 

In the summer time you have free use of a rowing boat, canoes and sup boards. The area has good possibilities for fishing.

In Winter Skibus line 3 drives daily next to Alinan Tupa to Ruka Centre. 

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Villa Rukan Huurre

Iisakki Village

Rukan Huurre

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  • 10 people/apartment

    incl. final cleaning
  • 4

    + loft
    Bed linen 16 € / set

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  • not allowed

Villa Rukan Huurre has two chalets made of barkless pine logs. One chalet accommodates 10 persons comfortably in four bedrooms and open sleeping loft. In the chalet there is also spacious living area with open kitchen which makes your holiday comfortable when you can spend time together with your family while cooking. Please remember though that when willing to have really easy holiday we can cater you full board to the chalet!

In the chalet there is four bedrooms (2 downstairs and 2 upstairs + open loft with 2 beds). Downstairs you will find also the sauna & shower facilities as well as toilets.

Villa Rukan Huurre is located 10 min. drive from Ruka Ski Centre, ski bus line 3 drives 400 m away from the chalets (ski bus operates on winter season from November – April).  Ruka Cross country tracks are just 400 metres away from the chalets as well.

Address: Onkerniementie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi

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Papin Talo apartments

Iisakki Village

Papin Talon

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  • 5 x 2

    incl. breakfast

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    Possibility for one extra bed. Incl. bed linen, towels and final cleaning

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  • not allowed

Papin talo is located on the shore of lake Rukajärvi, ten minutes drive from Ruka Centre, in the beautiful Iisakki Village area. 

For indviduals, couples and families there are 5 apartments with own entrance and cooking facilities (coffee machine, stove, microwave oven, fridge and set of dishes).  All of the apartments are equipped with shower & toilette, tv, drying cabinet and kitchenette. In Papin Talo’s heating we use ecological geothermal energy. The entrances of the apartments open up straight to the Rukajärvi lake, providing you with a beautiful scenery right away as you go out. Papin Talo sauna is at your disposal, you can book your time and enjoy Finnish sauna when ever it is available.

In Winter (17th Nov – 1st May) Ski bus line 3 drives daily next to Papin Talo to Ruka Centre. 

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