Hikikammari sauna

Iisakki Village

Hikikammari Sauna

Hikikammari is an electrically heated sauna right next to Iisakki’s sauna, on the shore of lake Rukajärvi. In addition to the sauna room, in Hikikammari you have a dressing room, showers, toilet, and fridge freezer. The sauna also has its own deck and small pier over the lake. The sauna room fits approximately 6 people at one time. 

Hikikammari has received the Authentic Finnish Sauna quality certificate. 

You can book this sauna at 30e/hour. Please notice that during high season this sauna is only bookable by guests staying at our accommodations. 

Sauna certificate

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sauna and outdoor jacuzzi


It takes about 4 hours to heat up this sauna, with its massive stove with 750kg of stones. In the gentle heat you can relax and the feeling just keeps getting better! There is an outdoor jacuzzi at your disposal next to the sauna. Modern showers assure clean body and mind. There is a fireplace in the dressing room where you can enjoy a nice evening with snacks. 

Private sauna

Summer price,  May – October
420 € group, max 30 persons
Price include sauna, towels, and jacuzzi

Winter price, November – April
550 € group, max 30 persons
Price include sauna, towels, and jacuzzi


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