The world of northern tastes


Kontioluola, Iisakin Talo and Honkakota offer warm and personal spaces for all kinds of social occasions. From all resturants distance to Ruka center is 6km.

The smallest space, Honkakota, has a wilderness feel as you sit next to the roaring fire. Iisakin Talo is a historical log building where you will want to spend the whole evening. Kontioluola is a big space which is partially under ground. Here there is room for up to 300 people. Our chefs will create delicious meals for you and your group from clean, local ingredients. We offer traditional Finnish food with local twist. We do not charge extra for special diets or allergies. 

Welcome to a restaurant hidden deep in the forest, only open for special occasions.

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Iisakki Village. 

Step into a warm and cosy teepee hut, this building has the atmosphere of old traditions and Finnish culture.


Ruka Safaris, sales

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

Iisakki Village Reception

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

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